SAMSUNG CSCThis blog is dedicated to cooking that’s mindful of health and community. I believe that by using wholesome and nutritious ingredients in cooking, we honor our bodies and show respect for others. This means cutting out food that is heavily processed and laden with chemical additives, antibiotics, and pesticides. It means ditching nutrient deficient ingredients and creating healthful meals that nourish the body, mind, and community. And finally, it means being compassionate throughout the entire cooking process, starting with the purchase of ingredients and ending at the dinner table.

My name is Claire and live in a small cozy home in South Minneapolis with my partner Danny, dog Biscuit, and cat Butterbun. I enjoy gardening, walking the dog, yoga and meditation, and backyard barbecues with friends and family. I grew up eating the comforting home-cooked meals of my mom, Mary Jo. My mom taught me the value of and secret to cooking “real food,” as she calls it, on a budget (lots of legumes, grains, fresh fruits and veggies, etc).

I have always loved to cook, and gradually over the past few years have started developing my own recipes. I also enjoy collecting and recording family recipes to be passed down to future generations. In coming up with new recipes, I try to be thoughtful and patient throughout the entire cooking process. I reflect upon each action in the process keeping in mind the interconnectedness of all things. When I do this, I choose ethically sourced ingredients with high nutrition content to create balanced meals. I cook with great care so that my food communicates love and appreciation. And, I create an atmosphere of openness, acceptance, and community by bringing my family and friends together around the dinner table. I look forward to sharing this approach with you here on the Mindful Spoonful!



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  1. Hi Claire. Always so happy to visit your site and see your sweet family and try your luscious recipes! love to you all. Best, Aunt Genevieve


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